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All New Show For 2023!

The year was 1989. It didn’t take long for Katie and her friends to let their curiosity draw them through the open window of Mortis Manor. It’s been so long since the house has been fed, Silas the groundskeeper thought. The teens brought friends; they watched slasher movies that gave Silas delicious ideas. The last thing Katie remembered was being dragged down the hall, her final thought, Oh my god, it has us. It’s the house. She was pulled through the door where the groundskeeper was waiting, and she remembered no more. Silas continued to play with his toys for quite some time before letting the house finish them. He’d like to play with you, too.


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Laura M.Laura M. ★★★★★ Really well done - so much attention to detail! The walk through seemed long and had many varied rooms with the perfect amount of creep haha. I couldn't resist the mini donuts for sale either. I'd go back for sure! What a great way to get in the Halloween spiritJeanne S.Jeanne S. ★★★★★ amazing amateur haunted house in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. Short but scary!! totally worth the trip if you are in the Austin area. I love that they waive admission but ask for charity donations, so please give generously if you go. Gets better each year... can't wait for next October!Tywan J.Tywan J. ★★★★☆ It was nice and scary. Had a great time.Gladis G.Gladis G. ★★★★★ Una casa embrujada en mi barrio es genialPepper C.Pepper C. ★★★★★ I'd heard Fatal Fear was an impressive haunt but still wasn't prepared for this level of imagination, professionalism, and detail. Be generous with your donations and, if possible, go through it twice: once for a damn good scare and twice to look around and appreciate the twisted artistry. Can hardly wait to see what they "cook up" (that Pig Man, y'all!) in 2023.Nate-GeoNate-Geo ★★★★★ Rachel R.Rachel R. ★★★★★ Absolute death! So scary!Kathryn H.Kathryn H. ★★★★★ This alone is reason to come to Steiner Ranch. It's the perfect haunted house- just the right level of scary. The production quality is fantastic! The hosts are awesome! The actors do an amazing job!Graham H.Graham H. ★★★★★ Highly recommended! We were blown away with what they could do with the space. Very talented actors, was not expecting to get scared by some middle-school aged kids!Matilde S.Matilde S. ★★★★★ wow greatRodrigo P.Rodrigo P. ★★★★★ Christopher G.Christopher G. ★★★★★ Great house, make reservations.Danny S.Danny S. ★★★★★ Professional grade. Exceptional presentation from actors, to props, and everything in between. This is in someone's house that includes mostly the garage, and backyard. Be generous with your donation, it's worth it.Victor F.Victor F. ★★★★★ Cris L.Cris L. ★★★★★ The whole set up is amazing!! You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into this. Costumes were amazing and the volunteers did such a great job. Would recommend for any beginners trying to get into the spooky spirit!! Loved itCelso E.Celso E. ★★★★★ I’ve been the past 2 years and it’s been great both times.Rachel H.Rachel H. ★★★★★ A great time! Costumes were great, and it's located in a beautiful neighborhood.Neil G.Neil G. ★★★★★ We had an amazing experience. The attention to detail was over the top. This place is a definite don’t miss ever. Thanks for a great timeNeil G.Neil G. ★★★★★ Completely immersive experience. The attention to detail was amazing. We took our haunt crew to visit and everyone had an amazing time. This place is a don’t miss!!Ovelia’s U.Ovelia’s U. ★★★★★ Fun and FrighteningJohn D.John D. ★★★★★ Steven R.Steven R. ★★★★★ This place is top notch! A must see haunted attraction. Set design and actors were fantastic and loved the whole thing. These guys are truly professionals and love what they do.wes P.wes P. ★★★★★ This place is awesome! Scary AF!Jen BJen B ★★★★★ Omg! Best local haunted house around. The production of the event was so well done. The actors were so great and very scary. We screamed the whole way through! Can’t wait to come back next year.Mary P.Mary P. ★★★★★ Drive was worth it. So much fun and the actors were fantastic! The scenes were so detailed and scares were terrific!Sherri S.Sherri S. ★★★★★ WOW! This haunt just keeps getting better and better every single year. The attention to detail is just incredible. I get excited about going even though it is so scary in the best way. The costumes are awesome and super legit. You never know what's going to be around the next corner. I just want to go back again and again to check out everything I missed the first couple times. But I also get scared too so it's hard to keep my eyes open - ha. This is the real thing - obviously so much work has gone into it - from costumes, decorations, sounds, walls, etc. Go check it out.greg W.greg W. ★★★★★ The level of detail is amazing. great actors and scares. Definitely worth a visit. They did an amazing job.Don P.Don P. ★★★★★ The attention to detail is absolutely amazing, one of the best haunts I’ve ever seen! Highly Recommend!!Brandon H.Brandon H. ★★★★★ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1048125305936110&id=100022159505685Luisa Q.Luisa Q. ★★★★★ WOW, our friends and I just left, and can not say enough how fun/scary this was. It’s so well planned all throughout. This is a MUST! Thank you all for doing this for the community!Dean H.Dean H. ★★★★★ Fatal Fear Haunted House is way more than a mere home haunt. It is really a Pro-Haunt at a home. The attention to detail was incredible. I was so impressed that i returned for a second time and brought all my kids. The theme was consistent as you went from one set to the next. Actors stayed in character even though i repeatedly tried to test them.Carrie Ann H.Carrie Ann H. ★★★★★ This was such an amazing production right in our own neighborhood! We had 3/4th graders and middle & high schoolers who were spooked enough by the winding maze of fun that awaits around every corner of this local home. They all wanted to go over and over again! From the moving floors and psychedelic moving bridge, there were laughs all along the way!
We will be coming every year!
Cindy Strebel R.Cindy Strebel R. ★★★★★ Y’all did an amazing job. The haunted house was incredible!Laura H.Laura H. ★★★★★ My 6’1” husband got so frieghtened when he rounded a corner in haunted house .....he studder stepped in back and knocked most of our group down! So embarrassing!!! It’s great & worth it to support our HS theater group! Great special affects and thank you to the family who sacrifices their house every year!!!Christie Guedry C.Christie Guedry C. ★★★★★ So scary and very well done! Like a professional haunted house! They all did an amazing job!Janet A.Janet A. ★★★★★ OMG I'm a full grown woman but this scared the heck out of me. The electronics are amazing and the props and actors are SOOO real! Job well done guys!! It's a haunted house to NOT be missed.Jeffrey S.Jeffrey S. ★★★★★ Gonna be killer - I've seen a preview 😱

Warning!  Recommended age 12 and up - Parental Discretion Advised. Intense strobe lighting & fog in use.

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