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Decades ago, Lily Mortis shoved her sister Rosa down a well in a dark and forgotten corner of the family estate, where only the caretaker, Silas, usually dared to explore. When her father, James, and his nefarious partner known only as “The Doctor” dragged Rosa from the well, she was a corpse, or practically so. The Doctor was able to revive her with his unorthodox methods — those he employed to “improve” the patients at Hillside Sanatorium. But Rosa reanimated was not the same. She now roams Mortis Manor, where peals of maniacal laughter are sometimes heard by those hurrying by. She sometimes conjures twisted fairy tale children from the very same well from which she was resurrected, trying to assuage her deranged loneliness.

The Mortis family has a deep, sinister connection to The Doctor and Hillside Sanatorium. Hillside is where Rosa and Lily’s mother, Alice, was taken when she refused to turn a blind eye to what her husband and The Doctor were doing to her baby girls, Rosa and Lily. Like all the patients of Hillside, Alice was tortured with hundreds of the doctor’s experiments — grotesque surgeries in which he played out his obsession with making humans “better,” leaving the subjects part human, part beast, and entirely insane. The Doctor’s agonized monsters lurk throughout the Sanatorium, sometimes escaping the grounds.

With Rosa’s warped children and the Doctor’s mad and tortured creatures prowling their environs, sometimes drifting between the two, both the Manor and the Sanitorium are frightful places to find yourself stranded.

Kathryn HeathKathryn Heath
02:50 29 Oct 22
This alone is reason to come to Steiner Ranch. It's the perfect haunted house- just the right level of scary. The production quality is fantastic! The hosts are awesome! The actors do an amazing job!
Danny SolizDanny Soliz
02:14 22 Oct 22
Professional grade. Exceptional presentation from actors, to props, and everything in between. This is in someone's house that includes mostly the garage, and backyard. Be generous with your donation, it's worth it.
Cris LopezCris Lopez
02:45 16 Oct 22
The whole set up is amazing!! You can tell they put a lot of time and effort into this. Costumes were amazing and the volunteers did such a great job. Would recommend for any beginners trying to get into the spooky spirit!! Loved it
Jen BJen B
20:17 01 Nov 21
Omg! Best local haunted house around. The production of the event was so well done. The actors were so great and very scary. We screamed the whole way through! Can’t wait to come back next year.
Gabby MouseGabby Mouse
03:21 24 Oct 21
The drive wasn’t too far and finding parking wasn’t difficult either. The entrance and all the details they put into the sets were really cool and well done. My favorite was the first and second scare. Not allowed to take photos and such once inside which kinda sucks but I understand why. Wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprises they have!

Warning!  Not recommended for children under the age of 12. Intense strobe lighting & fog in use.

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